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why does

 solar MATTER?

Because solar allows us to stop
 paying for unreliable and expensive energy

Our traditional grid system has a lot of problems that no one is talking about. It's outdated, unreliable, and vulnerable to weather-caused outages and terrorist hacking.

Not to mention, coal-powered energy plants are causing harmful air pollution, affecting people's health worldwide. 

Solar energy solves all these problems and more. You can finally find relief from unpredictable energy bills and unstable energy service with Solar Grids®. 

solar is the solution!

Solar Grids® are reliable, affordable, and pollution-free

WHY we need solar

The consequences of sticking with coal-powered energy are...
power outages

In 2017, the Blackout Tracker Annual Report, revealed 36.7 million people were affected by 3,526 reported power outages, this is more than twice the 17.9 million that were affected the year before.

costly blackouts

The Northeastern blackout of 2003 was the biggest blackout in U.S. history, leaving 50 million people without power. An accident caused by a branch-tangled transmission line that cost us $10 billion.

national security threats

Rogue hackers cause more threat to the grid than rogue trees. A London report concluded that an attack from hackers could knock off power from major cities like NYC or Washington DC, costing  $243 billion to $1 trillion.

unaffordable energy

According to the Energy Information Administration, nearly a third of households in the United States have struggled to pay their energy bill. More than 10% of these households kept their homes at unhealthy or unsafe temperature.

carbon dioxide emissions

In 2014, approximately 78% of US harmful emissions were energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide. Of this, approximately 42% was from oil and other liquids, 32% from coal, and 27% from natural gas. 

harmful air pollution

One third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution, an equivalent effect to that of smoking tobacco. Nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills 7 million people every year. 

Electric Grids

 Cause Forest Fires

- Pacific Gas & Electric Co. power lines have caused more than 1,500 California wildfires in the past six years, including the deadliest blaze in the state's history. 

Experts say PG&E could've avoided these deadly catastrophes by choosing safety measures over profits, such as better tree trimming and power line upgrades.

“Cal Fire announced today that it has determined that PG&E electrical transmission lines near Pulga were a cause of the Camp Fire (2018). PG&E accepts this determination,” said PG&E in a statement.


Don’t rely on power from 3rd parties anymore. Take the power back and be your own energy company.



from unreliable

 & costly energy bills

And Feel the Freedom of Energy Independence with Solar Grids®