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Become a power partner

And gain incentives like no other investment
Easy application process

Apply to see if you qualify to be a Power Partner and once approved, we'll match you with a solar customer.

Secure monthly cash flow

Sign a PPA or solar lease agreement with the customer, and we'll start collecting monthly energy payments for you at a pre-determined rate.

Major tax incentives

Receive major investment tax credits and rebates that will help accelerate your break even point.

what is a power partner?

The role a Solar Grids® owner has in our solar peer-to-peer PPA program

Solar Grids® designed an exclusive PPA lending program similar to how a peer-to-peer platform works, where borrowers and lenders connect to find simpler, direct, and more accessible loans without a middle-man.

The Power Partner is the Solar Grids® owner (lender) who owns the solar energy that is produced from the solar energy sysyem and collects its tax incentives, while the Solar Grids® customer (borrower), benefits from paying 0% down for the solar energy system and saves BIG on their energy bills.

(If you're interested in being a borrower, please refer to our peer-to-peer PPA program here)

Power Partners earn income for

 20-25 years and receive major tax incentives. 

how it works

A simple, solar partnership that leaves everyone happy

You as the solar "investor" will buy our Solar Grids® energy system and we'll match you with an approved Solar Grids® customer who is interested in a 0% down Solar PPA. 

We'll handle all the paperwork, financing terms, and the actual solar energy system installation, plus lifetime maintenance and monitoring. 

Once your Solar Grid® starts generating energy for the customer, we'll collect the monthly payments and pay you. These energy payments from the customer will be your primary solar project revenue.

"Solar installations in the US now exceed 2 million, with research forecasting that by 2024 , there will be on average, one solar installation per minute."

cash flow income

Your energy income will continue for 25 years!

As a Power Partner, your primary source of revenue will be pure cash flow! Once the energy customer signs a lease or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), they are locked in a legal agreement to buy the solar energy your Solar Grid® is producing every month for them.


Solar maintenance and repair costs are minimal and covered by installer warranties.

Solar is truly low maintenance, yet preventative maintenance ensures high performance. The Solar Grids® maintenance program includes simple cleaning, system check-up, and minor electrical repairs twice a year. However, it is recommended that solar system owners carry insurance on their solar energy system to cover it against property damage. As for repairs, the equipment and installer warranties cover almost all major repair scenarios.

Apply now to be a power partner