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There’s No Better Time Than NOW To Get a Piece Of The $50+ Billion Solar Market
Recent studies show that solar is breaking records and growing more than ever. Solar accounted for 40% of all new electric generating capacity added to the grid last year—more than any other energy source and the highest share in Solar's history.
 LEARN why a solar business is perfect for you!
Recession-proof business

Whether the economy is up or down people will always pay their energy bills

More profits, less stress

Earn more profits from every signed deal.

10+ years solar experience

Leverage our solar expertise and use all our experience to your advantage

Do you want to join the booming solar market?

Solar Grids® is the fastest way to start your solar energy business.

Our proven franchise model makes it easy for you to focus on just closing solar deals, while not stressing out about running a business.

When you become a Solar Grids® franchisee, you’ll become a member of a solar expert community, filled with a team of professionals who care about helping you become incredibly successful.

Our vast amount of tools and resources gives you everything you need to become a successful solar business owner.

Why choose solar energy for your new business? 

Record-breaking growth

Solar energy isn’t just any type of energy, it’s the fastest-growing source of electricity—experiencing a record annual growth rate of 48%—and projected to climb to HALF of renewable energy generation by 2050.

Recession-proof business

The energy industry is stable and safe. Did you know one of the first bills people pay every month is their energy bill? Whether the economy is up or down, people will always need energy.

Relief & Freedom

Become your own boss, set your own schedule, work from home and earn unlimited income. Gain the freedom you’ve always wanted and create the business of your dreams in the solar industry.

No certifications required

You don’t need any technical degrees, professional licenses, or a solar energy background to become a solar energy business owner. All it takes is ambition and determination.

why choose solar grids® ?

The features that make us unique:
  1. Larger territory. Receive a territory population of 500,000. Competitors offer just 200,000 - 250,000.
  2. Full Training and Support: We don’t just train you and throw you out there… In addition to an initial 12-week onboarding and training, we provide live weekly ongoing training with Q&A.
  3. Custom Built Apps: You will also have access to our franchisee custom-built apps including proposal generation, project management, calendar, sales metrics, multiple marketing websites, pre-written emails and text messages for follow-up and much more. Your customers will have access to their own Solar Grids® app to monitor their progress of becoming a customer and track their energy usage.
  4. Virtual Sales: We conduct our own virtual sales on a national scale and may provide signed sales ready for you to install.
  5. Multiple streams of income and additional cash-flow: Having a solar business isn’t just limited to selling solar or installing systems. Franchisees are offered the ability to earn extra cash-flow by referring investors or investing themselves as a Power Partner in Solar Grids®, getting paid monthly passively for 25 years.

Who are we seeking?

Hungry Sales Pros

Customer Service Oriented

$50,000 Liquid Capital

Self-determined Leaders

our mission

To create lasting and fulfilling opportunities for the aspiring leader  


To provide superior guidance and a unique environment for unlimited growth 

next steps

Whether you are just starting your initial research about the benefits of franchising and opportunities in the growing solar business, or you are ready to dive in and take the next steps toward owning your own Solar Grids® franchise, we want to talk to you. 

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