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Food is energy too!

We believe in providing energy in all the forms that matter

Did you know an estimated 48.8 million Americans (including 16.2 million children) live in households that can't afford enough nutritious food on a regular basis?

As a result, about 1 in 5 children go hungry at some point during the year.

No one should have to face hunger or be worried about when their next nutritiously balanced meal will be. We all have a right to be adequately nourished to stay healthy and energized all day long, especially children. 

The coronavirus pandemic has left millions of families without stable employment. More than 54 million people, including 18 million children, may experience food insecurity in 2020.

our promise

When you support solar, you're also supporting child hunger.

When you invest in a Solar Grid®, you'll be benefiting not only your family and the planet, but also other families who struggle on a monthly basis to feed their children.

Children are more likely to face food insecurity than any other group in the United States.

This is where we come in. We are committed to creating a positive impact in society by providing meals for malnourished children all across the nation. 

Nominate a family in need

Do you know a family or families that could use financial assistance with their monthly groceries? Please contact us to put them in queue for assistance.

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from unreliable

 & costly energy bills

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