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$2.5 Million
WHo we are
Solar Experience

Our management team has

over a decade of combined experience in the solar energy industry.

Energy Generation

Our team has overseen the installations of more than 100,000,000 watts of solar energy.


 Our team has facilitated more than 6,000 solar system installations across the country.


The Solar Grids® Capital Raise is exclusively available for Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers, as per the definition provided by the SEC. It is important to note that this investment opportunity is not accessible to the general public. Financial Institutions, Private Equity firms, Venture Capital Firms, and other investment funds are also ineligible to participate in the Solar Grids® Capital Raise. See below for a complete list of eligibility.

Solar Grids® Capital Raise Eligibility

Accredited Investors
✔ Qualified Purchasers*

* As defined by the SEC


X General Public
X Financial Institutions
Private Equity Firms
Venture Capital Firms
Investment Funds


Solar Grids® has quickly outpaced its rivals in the franchising industry and currently holds the title of North America's leading solar franchisor. Management attributes its success to its groundbreaking initiative, an industry-first ecosystem that integrates marketing, sales, installation, and private equity financing, all under one umbrella. This comprehensive approach sets Solar Grids® apart from its competitors and positions the company as a leader in providing end-to-end solutions for customers and franchisees alike.

Solar Grids® has attracted exceptional franchisees such as seasoned franchisees who recognize the company's potential for extraordinary success. The collaboration with experienced entrepreneurs from various industries validates Solar Grid's® position as a leading force in the solar franchising sector. The stories of these franchisees highlight the immense growth and financial returns achievable within the Solar Grids® ecosystem.

Solar Grids® Milestones

Feb. 2020

July 2020
Dec. 2020
Dec. 2021
Sept. 2022
Nov. 2022
Dec. 2022
Apr. 2023

Apr. 2023
Apr. 2023
Apr. 2023
July 2023


1st Sales Franchise

11 Sales Franchises

29 Sales Franchises

52 Sales Franchises

Launch of All-in-One Sales and Installation Franchise Model
1st All-in-One Sales and Installation Franchise
1st Virtual Sales Office Franchise
55 All-in-One Sales and Installation Franchises
110+ total franchises
Target launch of private equity c
onsumer financing

Feb. 2020 Inception

Jul.  2020  | 1st Sales Franchise
Dec. 2020 | 11 Sales Franchises
Dec. 2021 | 29 Sales Franchises
Sept. 2022 | 52 Sales Franchises
Nov. 2022 | Launch of All-in-One Sales

                    and Installation Franchise
Dec. 2022 | 1st All-in-One Sales and

                    Installation Franchise
Apr. 2023 | 1st Virtual Sales Office Franchise;
                   55 All-in-One Sales and

                   Installation Franchises;
                   110+ total franchises
July 2023 | Target launch of private
                   equity consumer financing


With Solar Grids®’ rapid growth and its position as the leading solar franchisor in North America, there arises a compelling opportunity to raise capital. The company's expansion trajectory has outpaced competitors in the franchising industry, offering multiple franchise options that have garnered significant traction. To sustain and further accelerate this growth, capital infusion is vital. Specifically, Solar Grids® aims to raise $2,500,000 through the issuance of convertible promissory notes ("Notes"). The capital raised from this offering will be allocated towards various key areas critical for the company's continued growth and success.


A significant portion of the raised funds will be allocated to working capital purposes, ensuring that Solar Grids® has the necessary liquidity to meet operational demands, seize growth opportunities, and navigate market fluctuations effectively. This capital infusion will provide the financial flexibility required to sustain and expand operations across all franchise territories.


Additionally, a portion of the capital will be allocated towards general and administrative operations, facilitating the smooth functioning of the company's overall infrastructure. This includes investing in robust technology platforms that enhance operational efficiency, optimize customer experiences, and support franchisees in delivering outstanding service.


To amplify brand visibility and reach a broader audience, a portion of the raised capital will be allocated towards dynamic marketing and advertising initiatives. By leveraging innovative marketing strategies and targeted campaigns, Solar Grids® aims to strengthen its market presence, attract new franchisees, and drive revenue growth.


Hiring and recruiting efforts will also receive a portion of the capital, allowing Solar Grids® to expand upon its talented and dedicated team. By expanding the workforce, the company can enhance its capabilities, support franchisees more effectively, and drive the overall success of the Solar Grids® ecosystem.


Furthermore, a portion of the raised funds will be allocated to legal and accounting services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain financial transparency. This allocation will support the efficient management of legal obligations and financial reporting.


Lastly, servicing existing debt obligations is an important aspect of financial management. Allocating a portion of the raised capital towards servicing debt will help maintain a strong financial position, improve creditworthiness, and enhance the company's overall financial stability.

With an array of revenue streams already in place, including franchise fees, technology fees, royalties, and markups on solar equipment and marketing services, Solar Grids is poised to achieve remarkable financial returns. Having set a clear vision to establish over 400 Solar Grids installation franchises within the next 3-5 years, the capital raise will furnish the necessary resources to transform this ambitious goal into reality, solidifying Solar Grids® as a household name in the solar industry.

Through strategic allocation of the raised funds, Solar Grids® will reinforce its operational foundation, expedite growth initiatives, and establish a robust framework for long-term success in the dynamic solar energy sector.

Investing in the Solar Grids® capital raise opportunity presents an enticing prospect for investors seeking involvement in a flourishing, innovative, and rapidly expanding ecosystem that is revolutionizing the solar energy sector in the United States.

Why choose solar energy for your INVESTMENT? 

Record-breaking growth

Solar energy isn’t just any type of energy, it’s the fastest-growing source of electricity—experiencing a record annual growth rate of 48%—and projected to climb to HALF of renewable energy generation by 2050.

Recession-proof industry

The energy industry is stable and safe. Did you know one of the first bills people pay every month is their energy bill? Whether the economy is up or down, people will always need energy. Solar energy is recession-proof!

Growing Market Demand

As governments and businesses prioritize sustainability and recognize the urgent need to transition to low-carbon economies, solar energy is expected to grow substantially in the coming years.

Technological Advances

Solar energy has experienced remarkable technological advancements in recent years, propelling it as a leading source of renewable energy. Solar power is now more efficient, cost-effective and accessible than ever before!

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