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More than a decade of experience in the solar industry

After managing the installation of more than 20,000,000 watts of power through more than 2,000 solar energy installations, we knew it was time to create something better and with more social impact. Our team knew solar energy was growing bigger than ever before, and a new system had to be created that could be more efficient, more affordable, and more reliable. And in January of 2020, Solar GridsĀ® was born.

Justin Kaiser


Company visionary with private equity background. Leads the company with evolutionary ideas to disrupt the solar industry.

Larry Schroder


Experienced business scaling strategist. Leads the company with his franchising experience and long-term outlook.

Jeramie Rose

Co-founder/National Sales Director

Our lead solar expert. Manages and trains franchisees with extensive solar industry experience.

Terry Parker

Chief Operating Officer

Runs company operations. Brings extensive experience in the franchise space as a prior multi state Director of Franchise Operations for GNC, Papa John's and Dominos.

Luke Dreyer

Director of
Franchisee Marketing

Highly experienced in marketing and business management. Oversees marketing for franchisees.

Angelina Garcia

Director of Branding & Marketing

Leads company's
marketing campaigns and branding techniques.

Christina Lael, CPA, J.D.

Tax Attorney, CPA & Legal Advisor

Serves as the company's solar legal advisor and advises on tax-related benefits.

Gary Smith

Franchise Development

Builds and manages long-term relationships with franchisees.

Jordan Eubanks

Franchise Development

Builds and manages long-term relationships with franchisees.

Kara Cave

Administrative Coordinator

Develops and coordinates day-to-day procedures with franchisees.

Jaydon Debus

IT Manager

A highly skilled IT specialist dedicated to overseeing our Information Technology and cybersecurity functions.

Jordy Black

Web Design & Management Tech

Oversees web and security technology.

Francisca Jaramillo

Graphic Designer

Designs and creates all creative works.

Alex Pinamang

PR & Marketing Specialist

Spearheads marketing concepts and organizes PR strategies.

Jacob Desai

Franchisee Relations Associate

Helps to establish and foster franchisee relationships.

Kate West

Franchisee Relations Associate

Helps to establish and foster franchisee relationships.

our philosophy

We believe nothing is more important than your freedom and happiness.

We started Solar GridsĀ® because there's a huge problem in our country that no one is talking about... 

No energy independence. We have gotten so used to our traditional energy grid system, that we haven't taken the chance to say, "Why do I keep paying for unreliable and expensive energy?"

Our team is dedicated to helping you find relief from unpredictable energy bills and unstable energy service by providing your family or place of business with PRIVATE and PERSONAL Solar GridsĀ®

We believe reliable and affordable energy shouldn't just be a privilege, it should be a given. Nothing is more important than your freedom and happiness. 

our purpose

Solar is changing lives everywhere

As a solar energy company we are determined to create a positive impact on families, communities, and the planet. Our Solar GridsĀ® will empower individuals everywhere to have affordable access to reliable energy, thus creating life-long energy freedom.


To pioneer the action and
 attitude of positive change

Solar GridsĀ® mission is to deliver

the best and most affordable private solar energy services because people deserve safe and reliable energy that make their lives thrive.

We make that possible by providing families nationwide with our affordable and private Solar GridsĀ®.

Donā€™t rely on power from 3rd parties anymore. Take the power back and be your own energy company.



from unreliable

 & costly energy bills

And Feel the Freedom of Energy Independence with Solar GridsĀ®