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If COVID-19 has you in the economic blues, Know That there IS a Pandemic-Proof Solution

The solar industry is booming and expected to grow the fastest out of all forms of renewable energy from now to 2050. You can get a piece of this $50+ billion market by having your own solar energy business!

Having a Solar Grids™ franchise is the fastest and easiest way to own your own solar business without all the hassles of actually owning a business.

Solar is breaking records! Solar accounted for 40% of all new electric generating capacity added to the grid in 2019—more than any other energy source and the highest share in the industry's history

By the way: solar energy isn’t just any type of energy... it’s the fastest-growing source of electricity—experiencing a record annual growth rate of 48%—and projected to climb to HALF of renewable energy generation by 2050. 

Why is solar A booming $50+ billion Market?

The reason why solar is exploding like never before is because of extremely beneficial federal tax incentives and plummeting solar prices. While residential electricity rates have risen across the nation about 15% over the last 10 years (with some states experiencing even up to 40% price increases), it's no wonder that today every 4 minutes a family in the U.S. is going solar

"The cost per watt of solar panels has dropped more than 100 times in the last few decades and is now cost-competitive with every other form of electricity generation, including coal, natural gas, nuclear, and even wind." —Dr. Markus Fischer

The price of solar energy has dropped by more than 70% over the past few decades and on average, solar owners break even with their solar investment in about 8 years. Going solar now is a no-brainer for any family or business looking to save thousands in energy costs. 

Not to mention, installing solar will increase a homeowner's property value; a 5 kilowatt solar panel installation would add an average of $20,100 to the market value of a mid-sized U.S. home.

Federal incentives like the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) deduct 26% of solar energy system cost from solar owner's taxes, while the Business Energy Tax Credit offers a 30% tax deduction.

Did you know one of the first bills people pay every month is their energy bill?

Stability is invaluable in today's economy and the energy industry has always been known to be a secure and safe business. Whether the economy is up or down, people will always need energy. Unlike other industries who get heavily impacted by recessions—hospitality, retail, real estate, & construction—the energy industry goes by unscathed in the whirlwind of such unstability. 

This is why some business owners or investors have become so ridiculusly wealthy; they know that the secret to success is to invest in recession-proof industries.

Whether you're in the market for a new line of business or this is your first time diving into entreprenuerial waters, you should rest assured knowing that you've just been steered in the right direction towards long-lasting and limitless success. 

leverage our 10+ years solar experience : We have all the Hacks & tools ready for you to capitalize on

When you become a Solar Grids™ franchisee, you’ll become a member of a solar expert community, filled with a team of professionals who care about helping you become incredibly successful. With new franchises being launched every month, we are excited to continue our expansion across the nation.

create the business of your dreams & gain the freedom you thought you'd never have

Are you an exhausted business owner or overworked professional? There is more to life than incoming bills, accumulating mountains of debt, and being restrained to a 9—5 lifestyle. You've heard the "become your own boss" sales talk before, but this time it's coming from industry professionals who have BROKEN and BENT all the rules society has brainwashed us with in order to "become successful".

This business opportunity is unlike any other in the solar industry (or in the energy industry overall) because there is no dirty work required! What becoming a Solar Grids™ franchise owner means for you:

  • NO breaking your back installing solar panels
  • NO putting on tool belts and climbing roofs
  • NO sweating, hassling, or grinding from 9—5

Running a business is NOT stressful when you're a Solar Grids™ franchise owner. We handle the micro-details of running a business like accounting, marketing, and administrative work, so you can focus on what you really desire: earning massive amounts of income. 

Not only will you gain the financial freedom you've always dreamed of, but you will also have real freedom; never having to answer to a superior again. It's time you became the boss and exercised control over making executive decisions that will affect the future of not only your company, but also your family and life in the long-term.

We REALLY Care About Your Success. We've been where you are right now and we can promise you, there is a path to freedom. We've discovered it and now we're 100% committed to sharing the entrance to this path to passionate and aspiring leaders like yourself who just want to break FREE. 

If we still have you intrigued, now it's time to really dive deep into exploring why owning a Solar Grids™ franchise is the fastest and easiest way to start your own solar energy business. Keep reading below...

The Path to Solar Success: our proven solar Biz model

What makes us really stand out from the solar crowd is our proven business model. NO ONE wants to lunge themselves into unknown territories without having a dependable compass they can rely on to steer them towards their desired destination. There is no other solar company offering its franchisees such a simple and succinct blueprint to success.

Turnkey Sales Focused Franchise Model

Specialized and Private Training with Custom-Built Portal

Personalized All-in-One Marketing Packages

3 Ways We'll Guide You to Solar Prosperity

  • A turnkey franchise system ready for you to plug in to. Our franchise model fast tracks you to success as everything is ready for you to just plug in to. This is what makes this opportunity so special, you'll save hundreds of hours if you were to start a solar business from scratch.
  • One-on-one training from the owners themselves. In addition to 2x a week training, you will get private training and support as needed. You will also have access to the franchisee custom-built portal where you will have 24/7 access to all our tools and resources.
  • Personalized and professionally designed marketing materials. Skip the hassle and frustration of going back and forth with designers to perfectly brand your business. We'll create your own website page along with professionally designed branding materials and merchandise, such as business cards, flyers, apparel, and much more. 

We Only Have This Bad News: Unfortunately, This Opportunity Isn't for Everyone

To truly be able to take advantage of the Solar Grids™ franchise opportunity you must be one thing: a sales-driven superstar. Did you know the real money in solar is earned in the sale of a solar system, and not the actual installation itself? This fact is what makes being a solar business owner so easy! You do not have to become a solar technician or electric engineer to profit off of the solar industry, you just have to do what you do best, SELL! 

We offer the highest profit margins in the industry and give you access to multiple streams of income and additional sources of cash-flow. We will never let you stress out about running a business, as we will always handle the micro-details, and let you focus on closing million-dollar solar deals

If you're already a sales superstar in your line of work then you most likely carry in the majority, if not all, of the following traits...

The 10 Essential Traits of Highly Successful Salespeople:

1. Positive Attitude

2. Passionate

3. Resourceful

4. Empathetic

5. Accountable

6. Well-Prepared

7. Tech-Savvy

8. Highly Engaged

9. Goal-Oriented

10. Relationship-Driven

If all this above sounds like you, great! Then there's nothing stopping you from pursuing this unparalleled opportunity and embarking on a lucrative journey.

We Know What You're Thinking... But I Don't Have Experience

This is where the good news comes in. You don’t need any technical degrees, professional licenses, or a solar energy background to become a solar energy business owner. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED whatsoever. During on-boarding franchisee training you will gain the necessary knowledge you need to confidently talk to prospects and guide them in going solar.

This is Your Chance to FINALLY Strike Gold


There will be NO better feeling when you tell your family and friends that you bought a solar energy franchise! Everyone knows the energy industry is extremely promising and your peers will admire you for venturing into such a lucrative space, and not to mention, you will be highly looked up to for supporting and pioneering renewable energy in your community. Everyone benefits with solar in their communities: solar business owners, solar investors, solar customers, and the entire future of the planet!

In case you've forgetton, let's highlight again why owning a Solar Grids™ franchise is the smartest thing you'll ever do:

  1. 1
    It's one of the few recession-proof businesses in the world: Whether the economy is up or down, people will always use and pay for energy.
  2. 2
    NO dirty work required: You will never climb a roof or have to attend to the stressful details in managing a business, we got that covered.
  3. 3
    Proven business model: We've already found the blueprint to success in the solar industry and we're sharing it... with you!

Here's What Our Franchisees Have to Say...

“This was the perfect cross-over for me from real estate."

"After working in real estate for over 30 years, I wanted to venture into something more impactful and lucrative, and solar did just that for me. I didn't know solar was such a booming industry until I got into the field and found that hundreds of families in my community were sick of high utility bills.

Solar Grids made it so easy for me to find and convert prospects with their training and guidance. I wish I would've know about solar before, but am currently so happy with the growth of my solar business."

Wally Combs
- Solar Grids™ Franchise Owner

“Extra cash flow keeps coming my way."

“I decided to buy my own solar franchise after I realized how profitable the solar industry was. I haven't been dissapointed as Solar Grids has guided me and taught me everything I needed to know to successfully run a solar business. And I'm getting more sources of income through their other franchisee programs, which makes me really happy. "

Tim Coleman
- Solar Grids™ Franchise Owner

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About Solar Grids™

With our team's combined experience of 10+ years in the solar industry we decided to create something bigger and better, a solar company focused on bringing affordable energy and energy independence to every family in the nation.

Due to our success in the industry, we have created an opportunity to allow others to share in our solar prosperity. Our goal now is to expand Solar Grids™ to markets across the United States and pioneer the renewable energy movement.

Larry Schroder

Co-Founder/President of Solar Grids™

Justin Kaiser

Co-Founder/CEO of Solar Grids™

Jeramie Rose

Co-Founder/National Sales Director

Don't forget what you'll get with a Solar Grids™ Franchise (plus what you won't get)

  • Freedom & Relief: Become your own boss, set your own schedule, work from home and earn unlimited income
  • Proven Blueprint to Success: Our solar biz model is the only blueprint you need to follow to be successful in the solar industry
  • Admiration & Respect: Your community will venerate you for promoting clean energy and admire your solar dedication
  • No Dirty Work: Being a solar business owner requires no climbing roofs or putting on tool belts, we handle that for you 
  • No Stress: We’ll handle all the micro-details of running a business, never worry about accounting or marketing again
  • No Previous Experience Required: You don't need to have a solar background, technical degrees, or professional licenses

The Solar Grids™ Promise

When you partner with us you will belong to a positive, supportive, and forward-looking community filled with solar industry experts. Our company philosophy is to provide superior guidance and a unique environment for unlimited growth. You will never be left alone in the shadows and we'll constantly have your back and guide you towards long-lasting success. 

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