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A team dedicated towards the advancement of energy independence throughout the nation

Our Solar GridsĀ® franchisees were chosen based on their superior leadership skills, extensive customer service experience and passion for the solar industry. They are fully committed in bringing affordable, reliable, and clean energy to families and businesses throughout our country. 

Deanna Anderson

Bakersfield, CA

Drew Brown

Lake Havasu City, AZ & SW Colorado 

Tim Coleman

Lincoln, Nebraska

Wally Combs

Clermont, Florida

Joe Draper

Davenport, IA

Bill Elshazly

Southlake, TX

Marco Foelske

NE Atlanta, GA

Ryan Fuller

Littleton, CO

Abel Gonzalez

Sherman Oaks, CA

Gary Hartshorn

Littleton, CO

Clarence Kemp

Jacksonville, FL

Bruce Lockaby

Milford, OH

Tony London

Marietta, GA

Alfredo Mendoza

Houston, TX

Chris Mudd

Cedar Valley, IA

Trent Peacock

Lubbock, TX

Julio Quirino

Houston, TX

Khalil Rizvi

Burbank, CA

Mazen Safadi

NW Indiana

Chris Schnieders

Columbia, MO

Patrick Schnieders

Columbia, MO

Walter Thomas

Alpharetta, GA

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